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Empower Your Mobility Venture: Unleash Operational Efficiency with AutoRepair, Fleet Management, and Parts Inventory Solutions - Our Cutting-Edge Software, Your Business Advantage!

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Dashboard & Analytics

See how your shop is performing based on vehicles you repair, services you offer or for a certain period

Workflow/Work Orders

Book, inspect, assign, invoice and review jobs from a streamlined board - a 360 degree view of everything


Always know what's in your inventory and manage your purchases, suppliers and stock levels.We supply genuine parts that you shop needs at cheap prices

Vehicle Reports

Get automated servicing , financial, customer statements and a profitability reports.

Business Operations

Organize your workshop more efficiently

  • Digital Inspections, Job cards, invoices and CRM Create professional looking job cards & invoices, manage customers & vehicles, and use versatile instant search from any device.
  • Workflow Management Integrated tailored workflow to track service progress, history and overall shop-floor analytics.
  • Calendar and Scheduling Never miss appointments and planned work with in-built appointment scheduler. Track daily, weekly or monthly appointments with ease.

Workflow Management

Our comprehensive platform allows you to effortlessly track maintenance schedules, monitor repair histories, and generate detailed reports on individual vehicles or the entire fleet

Calendar and Scheduling

Our intuitive platform allows you to effortlessly track and schedule routine maintenance tasks, ensuring that your vehicles are always operating at their best


Our software includes integrated communication channels to facilitate seamless collaboration between fleet managers, mechanics, and drivers. Stay connected, receive real-time updates, and provide quick feedback to ensure smooth operations and minimize vehicle downtime.